Kame & Kettle Beer Works

Founded in 2015, long-time friends Todd Barber and Dave Beifuss, made their dream a reality when they cracked open the doors to Kame & Kettle Beer Works in Fonthill, Ontario.  The brewery received its name with a tip of the hat to the local topography, featuring the Fonthill Kame.  In nature, kames are often associated with kettles and since Fonthill lacks a glacially formed kettle, we say our beer kettle completes this partnership.

Eager to start, Dave and Todd fired up a 50L brewhouse and fermented with wine demijohns.  This process is truly small batch and about as handmade as it gets.  The taproom was carved out of the lower level of a downtown Fonthill building, where expansion has been ongoing ever since.

We source our ingredients and conduct our commerce locally when possible.

Attention to process, use of fine ingredients, have allowed us to experiment with over 100 different beer styles to date.  On tap you will find a selection of tasty ales, usually 8 or more, mirrored by our retail fridge offerings, freshly canned 946ml Crowlers and 473ml tallboys.

We are the community’s brewery, and we strive to represent it well, with pride.


A hint of malt aroma. Light hop bitterness balanced with a bread sweetness of the malts, finishes dry and crisp in a medium-light body. This Minivan is the right vehicle to quench your thirst.


ABV 4.8%


The use of Vienna malt as a base gives this pale ale a warm orange hue with a slightly sweet and malty backbone. Bright tangerine aroma from heavy use of the Mandarina hop that carries through into the flavour. The finish is malty sweet which helps to accentuate the range of citrus flavours that the hops offer.

ABV 4.5%


Juicy, tropical fruit notes strike first with passion fruit and grapefruit immediately in tasting while a playful bitterness develops that bounces back and forth between pine and zest of various citrus fruits. Gedit D’FaKenya is an easy-drinking and refreshing IPA.

ABV 6.0%


It’s not A Lager! A darker beer; delicious, roast. With hints of coffee, it’s nice ‘n’ toasty.

ABV 5.0%