Andechs Brewery

The Andechs monastery brewery is one of the last real monastery breweries that has been run by a lively religious community to this day, completely independent of any group.

The Benedictines of the St.Boniface Abbey in Munich and Andechs represent a special monastic brewing tradition. In this way the beers can mature into a “ pleasure for body and soul “.

The roots of the Andechs brewing tradition go back to the supply of the pilgrims who have been making pilgrimages to the Holy Mountain since 1128. The Benedictines in Andechs have been looking after and welcoming pilgrims since 1455. To this day the monastery brewery is committed to sustainable growth and designed to preserve the monastic identity.

Andechs monastery beers combine the centuries-old Benedictine brewing tradition on the Holy Mountain of Bavaria with the most modern brewing technology.

100.000 hectoliters of beer are annually brewed at the food of the Holy Mountain in Andechs.

Andechser Hell

PRODUCER: Andechs Brewery ALCOHOL: 4.8%
COD: Germany

Its foam is stable and fine-pored. For the nose it has pure and cellar-fresh aromas, soft malt aromas, interspersed with floral hops.

It is pleasantly tangy to drink and has a light and soft body. The mild sweetness combines well with a velvety-soft hop bitterness. In the finish it sounds round and harmonious – just a real classic Bavarian full beer.

Special light

PRODUCER: Andechs Brewery ALCOHOL: 5.9%
COD: Germany

Its glossy appearance and the stable and fine-pored foam correspond to a fresh and pure smell. The focus is on aromatic malt aromas.

The Spezial Hell is pleasantly tangy and impresses with its full and round malt body. The soft taste is characterized by balanced sweet and bitter hops.

The finish is also followed by soft malt aromas – a classic festival beer brewed in old Bavaria.

Doppelbock dark

PRODUCER: Andechs Brewery ALCOHOL: 7.1%
COD: Germany

The world-famous bock beer from the Holy Mountain of Bavaria does not want to be tumbled down, but to be tasted. The Andechser Doppelbock dark stands as solid as a rock on the snack table with a color reminiscent of dark copper, combined with fiery red echoes. Its glossy appearance is harmoniously combined with a firm and fine-pored foam.

A special treat awaits you on the nose: soft toasted notes and a touch of dried fruit accompany an accentuated caramel aroma. Doppelbock Dunkel from the Holy Mountain of Bavaria is pleasantly sparkling. Then the unmistakable taste: full-bodied and velvety, strong and yet pleasantly malty-aromatic – a massive, robust body. A clearly recognizable sweetness, surrounded by roasted cocoa notes and a light hop bitterness.

With a strong finish, the Doppelbock says goodbye with a lingering dark chocolate note. A powerful Doppelbock with which you can taste and enjoy the centuries-old Benedictine brewing tradition sip by sip. 

Weissbier Hell

PRODUCER: Andechs Brewery ALCOHOL: 5.5%
COD: Germany

Since the Josephitag 1993 (March 19th) the Andechser Weißbier Hell has found many friends. Untreated and, of course, bottled with a cloudy yeast, it is a top-fermented beer for the connoisseur.

First, it catches the eye with its light honey color. The yeast cloudiness is opal and finely structured. These loads a very creamy and fine-pored foam head one, the bright white beer of the Holy Mountain to get a little closer. The nose needs two attempts for the smell experience.

If distinctive fruit aromas such as banana and honeydew melon emerge first, then fine cloves follow. Andechser Weißbier Hell is very tangy and refreshing and has a full and soft body. In the finish there is a balanced interplay of light honey sweetness and elegant acidity with a subtle hop bitterness that quickly goes away in a harmonious aftertaste .

A wheat beer with which you can taste a piece of the unmistakable Andechser way of life: Fine yeast, tangy and sparkling, it refreshes and at the same time makes you thirsty for more.