Albatross Liquors

As a small product developer and producer Albatross Liquors founded by Thomas Geers and master distiller Tim Veys inn Belgium has a history of creating premium beverages with a strong flavour experience and true, natural character.

Now, together with Spirits by Design, it is their goal to go to the next level to bring high quality, handcrafted liquors, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages to a larger public. The economy keep’s pushing customers to cheap and often chemical products. They want to create a value in pure taste and experience by offering natural beverages. Times have changed !

A Gin & Tonic is no longer served in a long drink glass, the ‘cocktail of the house’ have to be more than bubbles and syrup and no one likes the fruit juice and syrup mocktails anymore.


PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 16%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 750ml

Albatross is a sweet and sour fruit liquor based on fresh blackberries and Italy’s biggest lemons. Extra complexity is given by grain alcohol. All naturaly produced in Belgium, this premium liquor was constructed by hundreds of people (with enqueries) who made a recipe that was accesible to a very large group of people with different tastes.

The possibilities are endless because of the sweet and sour combination: people enjoy it a lot with on ice and a slice of lemon. With bubbles or dry white wine as adjetif and in premium cocktails such as the ‘Sweet hype’ cocktail with gin and ginger ale.

Natural Limoncello

PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 30%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 500ml

The Natural Limoncello is a flavor explosion made with the zest (top of the peel) of bio-lemons from Sorrento (Italy). We give extra complexity and depth with spices. Maceration takes 2 weeks minimum and is mixed every day for flavor binding. Our syrup is made with fructose and feels a lot less sticky in the mouth then sucrose or glucose. And.. it contains half the calories! The fine Limoncello has an ‘Il Collarino’ etheric oil bubbles from the peel of the lemon in the neck of the bottle. This fine layer of oils is the perfect indication of the high quality and natural character!

Limoncello is mainly used as after-dinner drink. 3-5cl poured over ice can be the perfect end of a wonderfull evening. But Limoncello-tonic is on the rise! This magestic fresh aperitif is simple, and extremely flavourfull!

Natural Orancello

PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 30%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 500ml

Our Natural Orancello is based upon organic South African oranges and supporting spices, a wonderful classic innovatively interpreted. In the same artisanal manner as our Natural Limoncello, the zest is carefully removed and macerated. This gentle digestif beautifully carries the sweet orange hues and goes a step further than the classic limoncello tale.

Geers Superior Sweet Red Vermouth

PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 16%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 750ml

Geers semi sweet red vermouth is made from the Airén grapeinfused with more than 50 different spices, fruits and herbs. The aromas are sultry with notes of orange zest, cinnamon, clove, dried fruits, walnuts, nutmeg. Sucrose is used as sweetener, providing a fine balance.
Perfect as a mixer, but also enjoy it pure on the rocks!


PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 43%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 500ml

Near the Belgian coast the dunes give a rich environment for particular botanicals, one of these is the Hippophae Rhamnooides or Sea Buckthorn berry. This rich berry blends it into his favourite drink. On the nose it has the refreshing smell of sea berry mixed with the juniper berries. The very typical sweet-sour taste of the berries is well balanced in the mouth and is supported by a complex mix of herbs and spices.


PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 45%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 500ml

Ten carefully selected botanical ingredients, including rich antioxidants such as Sencha (green tea) and Bamboo, give Oxygin its Asian touch. In this easy to drink London dry gin you will discover fine notes of Belgian Rhubarb and Spicy Sumac. Perfectly served with neutral Indian tonic and a slice of sweet orange.

Crazy Monday Gin

PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 48%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 500ml

Think of an awakening forest. Breathe it in. The scent of Crazy Monday. It is where the magic begins. An army of elves throwing a party in your nose and melting into a dance of folly in your mouth. Lavishly sprinkling around citrus and herbs, lightning bonfires within. And then, whoosh, the dance of the butterflies.

Crazy Monday is liquid madness. This gin’s got balls. It’s made in Belgium and totally bonkers. In order to drink it, you need tonic and a twisted mind. It tastes insane, but have no fear: insane is the new normal. Let it take you to where the party’s at. It’s Crazy Monday time.

Nudo Non-alcoholic premium spirit

PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 0%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 700ml

This premium non alcoholic spirit is a true flavour explosion and will guarantee an apero-moment without any guilt! (or limit for that matter).

As you can see in the daring branding, there is a lot to discover in NUDO. A complex pallet of different sorts of spices, zests and flowers make sure this spice and citrus based n.a drink is worth your while! But of course the product itself wouldn’t mean anything without its use. This mixer can be used in lots of ways.

Meyer’s Gin Silver

PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 38%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 500ml

Our first gin was launched on the 3th of April 2014. Because of the mutual passion for gin, Christophe and Tim decided to develop their own gin. Because of the media’s attention the kiwi berry (hardy kiwi) got after the first big harvest in 2013: more than 50 tons, we came up with the idea to go for a new style. The result is a soft, fruity gin for everyone.

A unique class of its own: First Class!

The Hardy kiwi looks like a grape but tastes like a ripe kiwi – aromatic and fruity. The addition of the kiwi berry to the gin’s recipe lifts its flavour to unknown heights, and gives the gin its very soft and smooth character. It’s a party in the glass and on the palate, and is handcrafted by our master distiller.

Meyer’s Gin Jade

PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 42%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 500ml

You like high-quality, freshness and true craftsmanship? Then Meyer’s Gin Jade is definitely the one to go for. Only five ingrediënts are used in a very specific ratio and we wanted to add our famous twist again… We don’t only use the lime zest, but we have combined zest and whole fruits. The fresh notes of the peel goes perfectly with the other botanicals (juniper berry, coriander, angelica root and lemon thyme) and the fruit will add the extra body and texture.
We mastered in the london dry style in the past 5 years and you will enjoy every sip, that’s for sure.

Meyer’s Gin Ruby

PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 38%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 500ml

Ruby is not just another pink gin. We thought a long time about jumping on this train, but by looking at the market, we discovered something was missing. Every redish fruit has been used in the meantime to make fruity, often too sweet, pink gin.
Meyer’s Gin Ruby is juniper driven with very subtile floral notes: hibiscus and rose. Not too much, just enough to make this gin extremely enjoyable.

Drink PINK!


PRODUCER: Albatross Liquors ALCOHOL: 40%
COD: Germany VOLUME: 500ml

ROCKHOPPER is a 5 year old blend, straight from the ex-bourbon barrels, originating in Panama, Dominican Republic and Guatemala. The aging has only been done on old bourbon barrels.

Of course, Rockhopper is intended to be experimented with… But, the whole idea behind this fantastic rum is to get people to start enjoying rum PURE again.
That’s why every Rockhopper giftpack comes with a branded glass, cooling stones & a jigger. Freeze the cooling stones, put 3 of them in a glass and serve some Rockhopper on top of them, sit back, relax and enjoy this
smooth, balanced & rich taste.