Continuity on the hand and innovation on the other have been the hallmark of Princely viticulture for centuries.
The historic domain is located in the northern part of the Province Weinviertel , where the loess soils and pronounced Pannoian climate have influenced viticulture in the region from time immemorial.
Very hot and dry summers, along with cold winters , impart vignor and expression to the wines and make the Princely Wine Cellar in Wilfersdorf predestined to produce classic Austrian cool-climate wines with plenty of elegance and marked acidity ( Gruener Veltliner , Riesling, Maskat-Ottonel ). At the same time , the special location of our winegrowing village in a basin offers ideal conditions for growing distinctive reds ( Zweigelt and Merlot ). The princible single-vineyard sites comprise a total of 35 hectares.


PRODUCER: Hofkellerei ACIDITY: 6 g/l
COD: Austria ALCOHOL: 11%
VOLUME: 750ml RESIDUAL: 8 g/l

Wine description
Brilliant light yellow colour, intense grape aroma, mild bead with a finely persistent mousseux; light, fruity & elegant finish, pure sipping pleasure. Pairs well with starters, sushi, light summer salads, warm summer evenings & all your festivities.

Variety and style of wine
Muskateller is simultaneously one of the oldest and most invigorating grape varieties in the world. The fine bead of a frizzante means pure drinking pleasure for the demanding connoisseur.

Zweigelt Rosé


PRODUCER: Hofkellerei ACIDITY: 6.3 g/l
COD: Austria ALCOHOL: 14.1%
VOLUME: 750ml RESIDUAL: 6 g/l

Wine description
Bright fresh pink, in the nose abundant fruit of strawberry, wild raspberry and currants; juicy & vibrant on the palate with structure and texture; fruity finesse with a pleasant arc of acidity. Recommended for light, fresh and spicy dishes, pasta & fish.

Terroir and origin
The grapes for our Clos Domaine series grow on younger vines around the single vineyards of Karlsberg & Johannesberg. These vineyards are precisely farmed, from pruning to harvest, to achieve freshness and structure.

Grape variety and style
Fine fruit aromas of Zweigelt, the most popular Austrian red wine variety. A rather riper and tightly structured style, with a pleasant interplay of acidity.

Grüner Veltliner Reserve


PRODUCER: Hofkellerei ACIDITY: 5 g/l
COD: Austria ALCOHOL: 13.7%
VOLUME: 750ml RESIDUAL: 1.3 g/l

Today, the Grüner Veltliner is rightly regarded as one of the most internationally renowned Austrian varietals. Especially in north-eastern Austria, it produces wines with a unique structure, freshness, maturity potential and above all, animating character. These outstanding characteristics are concentrated in the old vines at Karlsberg thanks to their naturally lower yield.

Oenologic Comment
The grapes, which had small berries due to the dry weather in 2017, thus making them highly aromatic, were harvested by hand early in the morning in order to best preserve the freshness and structure of the vintage. Allowing the wine to age sur lie for approximately 10 months, partly in used 500 liter barrels, especially promotes the length and juiciness of the vintage.

Degustation Note
Rich green with bright yellowish shines, fine notes of exotic fruit, a bouquet of cherry and orange blossoms, great complexity on the palate, minerality, a spicy fruity acidity of mango, ripe apple and quince, with an animating length.

Pairs well with: Smoked fish, crustaceans, boiled beef and fine, well-seasoned and slightly spicy, Asian-inspired meat and vegetable dishes

Grüner Veltliner


PRODUCER: Hofkellerei ACIDITY: 5.7 g/l
COD: Austria ALCOHOL: 12.9%
VOLUME: 750ml RESIDUAL: 1 g/l

Wine description
Intense, luminous green in colour, peppery on the nose with apple, lime and some orange aromas; juicy & fresh on the palate with good length and stimulating acidity. The ideal wine to drink with fresh & spicy starters, baked dishes or Asian recipes.

Terroir and origin
The wines of our Clos Domaine series are harvested from younger parcels around the single vineyard sites Karlsberg & Johannesberg. In our viticultural regimen, freshness & structure are precisely accentuated from the pruning onward.

Grape variety and style of wine
Grüner Veltliner is an Austrian marquee player with a wide international following, thanks to its spicy & refreshing varietal character. The style of our Grüner Veltliner DAC is fresh & spicy, supported by an invigorating element of structure.

Riesling Reserve


PRODUCER: Hofkellerei ACIDITY: 7.1 g/l
COD: Austria ALCOHOL: 13.5%
VOLUME: 750ml RESIDUAL: 4.5 g/l

Wine description
Light green and yellow, silver reflexes. Fine floral notes with white peaches, hints of wild-flower honey and orange blossoms. Tight woven, fine white tropical fruit, pleasant acidity balanced by fine fruitiness on the palate, lemony touch in the back, animating with ripening potential. Pairs with fish and seafood, light meat dishes such as veal or poultry, Asian inspired cuisine or fruity dessert treats.

Terroir and origin
The wines of our Reserve stem from older vines, grown in the deep loess soils of the single vineyards Karls- and Johannesberg, owned by the family for more than 600 years. They let you experience their origin, terroir, authenticity, precision and high value.

Grape variety and style of wine
Riesling is the leading grape in the old vineyards on Karlsberg. The ripeness, the precise interplay between acidity and fruitiness, as well as the complex aromatics make this reserve a timeless wine embodying the freshness of the vintage.

Anberola Merlot


PRODUCER: Hofkellerei VARIETAL: 100% Merlot
COD: Austria ALCOHOL: 13.3%
VOLUME: 750ml

The Hofkellerei is one of the first Austrian wineries to plant Merlot in their vineyards. Stylistically dominated by ripeness, pleasant spiciness, lush fruit and a powerful body.