Barun Winery

Fifty kilometres from Zagreb, Croatia’s  capitol, on the slopes of Plesivica , in the village of Brezaric, a small winery owned by the Barundic family found its place. This boutique winery is located in the picturesque Krasic region, which is famous for Cardinal Alojzije Stepine.

Barun winery plants over 3 hectares and the landscape a long with the vine grown can hardly be descripted by words. It is marked by sloping areas with moderate continental climate, ideal for wine growing. The Barun winery is one of the smallest wineries in Plesivika. This reflected in the fact that the entire vineyard is handled by one family , mostly by owner Josip Barundic and his wife Mare. A lot of effort and love was needed to create a winery that now offers a whole range of sparkling wine. I their boutique collection , the have the Barun Brut nature ( from the Manzoni variety ), to which they have been most proud, the Barun Rose’ ( from Pinot Noir ) and the Barun Muscat which is the only sparkling wine from Yellow Muscat grape variety in Croatia.

The Manzoni grape variety proved to be an ideal variety for sparkling wine , because it adopted the aroma, elegance, silk and fine acids as it is the cross of Rhine Riesling and Pinot Noir.

Barun makes also wine from Grasevina  and Manzoni.

Barun Grasevina

PRODUCER: Barun Winery ALCOHOL: 12.0%
COD: Croatia VOLUME: 750ml
VARIETY: Grasevina White Wine

With its color, aroma, and taste, Graševina of the Barun winery is reminiscent of a sour green apple. Greenish and playful in a glass, it exudes spring scents even though this is an extraordinary summer wine of a lean body, with relatively low levels of alcohol, but also of a full taste and distinctive pleasant acids which simply force lips to say “muah” after just one sip.

It should be served cool at 10 – 12 °C in a classic stem glass for white wines. Though nice for sipping on its own or as an aperitif, it pairs perfectly with cold cuts from continental Croatia, pasta with mushrooms or vegetables, dishes with light meat poultry, white saltwater fish with more delicate flavors like the European hake or piper gurnard, as well as freshwater fish like trout or zander.



PRODUCER: Barun Winery ALCOHOL: 13.0%
COD: Croatia VOLUME: 750ml
VARIETY: Manzoni White Wine

It looks like spring in a glass. Green shades breakthrough yellow rays of sunlight. Its aroma is both like spring and summer. The presence of the jasmine flower is soon shadowed by ripe fruit. This is a jubilant blend of melon, pear, and peach with citrus notes, primarily lime, then orange zest, and exotic fruit, among which mango is the most easily distinguishable. The taste is juicy and permeated with fine acids, which make it cheerful and pleasant for sipping. It has a long-lasting taste in the mouth, warming even with only a moderate 12.5 % alcohol.

Due to its fullness and freshness, Barun Manzoni pairs various foods with not too heightened flavors, such as primarily white meat dishes. It has enough fullness for grilled meat and will nicely accompany even the best saltwater fish like a gilt-head bream or a larger common dentex.

Barun Manzoni Elegance Extra Brut

PRODUCER: Barun Winery ALCOHOL: 12.0%
COD: Croatia VOLUME: 750ml
VARIETY: Manzoni Sparkling Wine White

Tiny bubbles resemble pearls as they pierce the golden wine with greenish reflections in their jazz rhythm. Its intense aroma reminiscent of lemon zest and vineyard peach is soon followed by melon and later by freshly baked bread. Its taste is full of distinctive sort characteristics, so it has fullness and fine natural savor, much more complex than the one obtained by subsequent sweetening. Owing to its pleasant acidity, it is refreshing and thirst-quenching, and each sip simply evokes yet another one. This fine aperitif, much like the need for food, also builds up the desire to talk and laugh. Barun sparkling wines age in bottles on yeasts for a minimum of two years.

Cooled at 8°C in a classic stem glass for white wines, it will nicely accompany cold cuts with gentle flavors from continental Croatia, marinated fish like anchovies, raw shrimps or prawns, breaded hake fillets, shells like Mediterranean scallops…


PRODUCER: Barun Winery ALCOHOL: 12.0%
COD: Croatia VOLUME: 750ml
VARIETY: Pinot Noir

The color of salmon meat makes it a decoration of every table. A gentle strawberry aroma evokes pleasure, permeated with the scent of bread crust. At the same time, refreshing and mature taste with numerous tiny, playful bubbles immediately forces lips to curve into a smile. Barun’s Le Rosé sparkling wine is made from Pinot Noir with the traditional method of second fermentation in a bottle. Barun sparkling wines age in bottles on yeasts for a minimum of two years.

This fine aperitif pairs even better with not too spicy fish or white meat dishes and fruit desserts which are not additionally sweetened. It looks amazing in a high flute glass for sparkling wines, but to be able to enjoy its aroma and tastefully, it needs to be cooled to 6°C and served in a bit wider classic stem glass for white wines.


PRODUCER: Barun Winery ALCOHOL: 10.5%
COD: Croatia VOLUME: 750ml

A gentle color, aroma which immediately reveals Muscats and bold delicacy is what distinguishes Barun Amoureux Muscat Extra Sec from other sparkling wines. Sec means semi-sweet. The name Amoureux, translated from French, means in love, and it was not chosen by chance. It is quite easy to fall in love with this wine, and those who are in love will love it as well. All Barun wines are macerated 1 – 30 days before fermentation at 3°C to maximize fruit aromas. Barun sparkling wines age in bottles on yeasts for a minimum of two years.

It should be served cooled at 4 – 6 °C in a slender and tall stem glass for sparkling wines (flute). This fine drink for a good mood in most companies pairs well with fruit desserts, and more mature, but not firm cheeses with an occasional grape, walnuts, almonds, or hazelnuts.