Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg

The beginnings of the Hofkeller goes back to the year 1128 , so the company is considered the oldest Bavarian winery. In addition with a vineyard area of around 120 hectares and an annual production of 850.000 bottles it is also one of the largest in Germany and – as  numerous international awards including membership in the VDP show – one of the best. The vineyards of the Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg estate are spread across Franconia and the vines grow on very different soils. These form the basis for the high quality of the  wines.

In the historic vaulted cellar , the characterful wines are stored in mostly large and small wooden barrels and barriques until they are ready to drink. White grape varieties are Silvaner, Mueller-Thurgau , Bacchus, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, the red grape varieties are Pinot Noir, Domina, Fruehburgunder, Portugieser, St.Laurent and Cabernet Dorsa. The Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg is now owned by the Free State of Bavaria.

Sauvignon Blanc


PRODUCER: Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Germany ALCOHOL: 11.5%

Sauvignon Blanc from Franconia is only grown on one percent of the vineyard area. It is a grape variety with a great variety of aromas in terms of smell and taste. It presents itself here with juicy acidity and a spicy, exotic bouquet of fresh meadow herbs and elderberry.

It goes wonderfully with summer dishes and also goes well with cheese, for example goat cheese. It is the ideal companion with Asian or a bit more hearty food. In addition, its acidity goes well with fish dishes or salads with poultry or tuna.

Description: Cool nose with distinctly fresh vegetal notes, very light yellow-fruity notes with more citrus emphasis and a little green paprika. Straightforward, relatively juicy, quite sweet fruit, fresh vegetal aromas again, a hint of the exotic, mineral and floral traces, quite a good finish.



PRODUCER: Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Germany ALCOHOL: 11%

The Scheurebe white wine, named after Georg Scheu and bred by him in 1916, is a cross between Riesling and a bouquet grape. It is presented in a medium green-yellow color. The aromatic impression ranges from lemongrass to gooseberries and elderberries.

This dry Scheurebe goes well with hearty meat dishes such as spicy ragouts of poultry or fish. It also goes very well with Asian cuisine.



PRODUCER: Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Germany ALCOHOL: 13%

Even if Franconia only has a small share of the vineyard area, Riesling is considered the best white grape variety in Germany. The fine acid structure of this Riesling combines the minerality of the shell limestone well, the fruit is juicy, elegant and reminiscent of yellow fruits.

The Riesling can be served as an aperitif as well as with light meat dishes, fish and pastries. It also flatters as a companion to pasta or antipasti and salad.

Description: Herbal stone fruit scent with some pome fruit and citrus fruits as well as chalky and very light floral tones. Light, youthful, quite juicy, sweet fruit, lively, elegant acidity, some grip, yeasty notes, a little floral and vegetal, more chalky in the background, certain warmth, also quite sweet on the finish.

HÖRSTEIN Müller-Thurgau


PRODUCER: Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Germany ALCOHOL: 12.5%

The Müller-Thurgau is still one of the most widely grown grape varieties in Franconia, named after Prof. Hermann Müller from Thurgau in Switzerland. Delicately spicy, juicy with a light citrus note, it is refreshing and invigorating.

Müller-Thurgau goes well with light dishes such as asparagus or grilled vegetables. But it is also a good companion for sushi and sashimi.

Description: Tart, slightly herbal and slightly earthy and mineral fragrance with yellow fruit notes. Ripe, slightly creamy, dry fruit, nutty, dried vegetal, mineral and nutty notes, elegant acidity, some grip, fairly persistent, good, quite tart, slightly spicy, smoky and grippy finish.



PRODUCER: Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Germany ALCOHOL: 12%
The Bacchus appears light to green-yellow in the glass. The light acidity is integrated by the fruit sweetness and the floral aromas. It looks citrus-fruity, drop-like and reminiscent of ice candy.
As a light drinking wine, the Bacchus goes well with pastries or desserts. But it can also accompany Asian and spicy dishes.



PRODUCER: Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Germany ALCOHOL: 13.5%
The Silvaner is one of the oldest white grape varieties and traditionally has a high distribution and importance in Franconia. The local wine from Randersacker is juicy, spicy and with a taste reminiscent of local pome fruit.
The Silvaner is considered the all-rounder for almost every occasion. It goes well with strong, regional Franconian cuisine, but also with fish dishes or as an aperitif.



PRODUCER: Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Germany ALCOHOL: 14%

On May 22nd, 1720 the foundation stone of the Würzburg Residence was laid. The overwhelming,  magnificent baroque building was built over the next 24 years  and fully equipped by 1780 . According to the  plans and under the initial supervision of the architect Balthasar Neumann , today’s world cultural heritage was created in a melting pot of the most influential and important artists and architects  .

The Staatliche Hofkeller Würzburg was there from the start. Our wine cellars under the residence were already listed in the first plans and the first wine barrels soon moved into the extensive cellar labyrinth. Since then we are happy to be a part of this impressive building and are happy to fill it with joy of life and wine.

For the anniversary we filled a bottle with our love for the residence With this special goat bag you can bring the festive event home and thus also the heart of our winery and Würzburg.