Weingut Künstler

Weingut Kuenstler is a family Estate dating back to 1648 with roots in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Their History in Hochheim dates back to 1965, when Fritz Kuenstler established himself in the area after being expelled from the Czech Republik after the end of

World War 2.

His son Gunter took over as the CEO in 1992 and since his inception , the winery has strived for the wines to be a reflection of the soil where the grapes are grown.

The vineyards are almost exclusively located in Hochheim , but there are also some smaller vineyards in Ruedesheim and Assmanshausen located in the western parts

of the Rheingau.

What makes Rheingau such a good area is the soil rich in limestone with elements of slate and volcanic rocks.

They also have a south-facing position , because here the river Rhine flows in the east-west direction.

Weingut Kuenstler is also a member of the German Producer Association the VDP , who adopted a classification of the wines of their members to reflect the quality

of the vineyards and thus wine.

Pinot Noir 'Tradition' Dry


PRODUCER: Weingut Künstler ACIDITY: 4.5 g/l
COD: Germany RESIDUAL: 0.5 g/l
VOLUME: 750ml TASTE: Dry
ALCOHOL: 13.5%

Our Pinot Noir ‘Tradition’ grows on different sites with particularly fertile ground quality, made up of loess, loam and heavy clay soil with extremely high water retention. The river Main estuary nearby ensures a microclimate that is particularly warm and constant right trough to the late October.

The yield is limited and the wine will become full-bodied with lingering finish, full of character, showing the enormous development potential and burgundy finesse after two years keeping in the bottle.

After the alcoholic fermentation we store the wine in traditional German oak barrels of 1.200 liters.


Künstler Riesling Dry VDP.GUTSWEIN


PRODUCER: Weingut Künstler ACIDITY: 7.3 g/l
COD: Germany RESIDUAL: 5.8 g/l
VOLUME: 750ml TASTE: Dry
ALCOHOL: 12.5%

This dry Riesling is our “liquid business card”. The vines grow on different soils with diverse attributes.
Year after year, the Riesling ‘Estate’ presents a crystal and clear fruit and a delicate mineral flavour, joined with an herbal notes of stone fruits, hints of citrus fruits and a vivid acidity.

This dry Riesling can be enjoyed young and crisp or with a nice ripeness. It is a perfect match with chicken dishes or fish and seafood.


Künstler Riesling Feinherb


PRODUCER: Weingut Künstler ACIDITY: 6.5 g/l
COD: Germany RESIDUAL: 16.6 g/l
VOLUME: 750ml TASTE: Dry
ALCOHOL: 12.0%

Our medium-dry Riesling shows a very nice interplay of sweetness and acidity. The vines grow on different soils with diverse attributes.

This Riesling presents an intense and juicy fruit of apricots and peaches.

This wine can perfectly be combined with spicy dishes. For sure you can enjoy it as well as an aperitif.