Boglio Oro

The winery was born from the tenacity of Don Pino; a man of yesteryear, who handed down his love for the land and wine to his son, Francesco, and son-in-law, Michele.

In 2008, a dream came true: to renovate the family bogli in Contrada Perino, in Marsala, Sicily.

Michele Cottono and Francesco Laudicina have revived the old farms in a modern Cellar, where technology and tradition merge to capture the energy and warmth of their land.

The winery is surrounded by 100 hectares of vineyards that have always belonged to the family.

Grapes are harvested by hand and carefully selected through different collections. Native vines have been planted, including Grillo, Grecanico, Inzolia, Catarratto, Nero d’Avolo and Frappato, together with some international varieties such as Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Kiggiari - Grecanico


COD: Italy VARIETAL: Grecanico
PRODUCER: Boglio Oro ALCOHOL: 12.0%

This was very first wine produced by the estate back in 1998 and is appropriately named after owner and the heart of Querceto, Laura Di Battista.

Gazing down into the glass, colours sparkle as ruby as the slippers of Dorothy Gale. There are subtle aromas of poppies on the nose and one begins to wonder if this wine might be the work of a certain wizard. Alongside those red flowers are intense primary red fruit and fresh herbal notes of cherry, raspberry and bayleaf, which translate on to the palate.

There is beautiful clarity and concentration of flavour and a density of fruit that makes the wine incredibly enticing and drinkable.

There is a sense of energy in reserve about this vintage. Under layers of ripe fruit lies a powerful tannic frame and a resounding acidity that ripples appealingly across the palate. A wine for those looking to engage their head and their heart.

Rassal - Nero d’Avola


COD: Italy VARIETAL: Nero d’Avola
PRODUCER: Boglio Oro ALCOHOL: 13.5%

The grapes are carefully selected and hand picked during the cooler hours of the day. After destemming, maceration takes place at a controlled temperature, followed by alcoholic fermentation (18/25 days) and then by the racking process.

The wine refines in stainless steel, followed by 6 months in large oak cherry barrels before bottling.

The nose is intense and balsamic with notes of cherry jam. The taste is delicate, mellow and persistent.

Zafarà - Catarratto


COD: Italy VARIETAL: Catarratto
PRODUCER: Boglio Oro ALCOHOL: 12.5%

Pale yellow in colour with notes of exotic fruit and hints of bread crust on the nose. The taste is sapid, delicate and persistent.

Dei Respiri - Grillo


COD: Italy VARIETAL: Grillo
PRODUCER: Boglio Oro ALCOHOL: 12.5%

Pale yellow in colour with hints of green and delicate with intense notes of citrus and white peaches on the nose. The taste is fresh, sapid, well balanced and elegant.

Pairs well with gourmet appetizers, all fish courses, mussels, shellfish and vegetables.