Principe di Corleone

The Pollara family, with their passion and talent, has been able to transmit the culture and value of wines produced in Sicily over the years in Italy and abroad, and has set itself the task of giving a future to the work undertaken by the founder Giuseppe Pollara back in 1883.

Vincenzo and Lea Pollara, who run the family business, are strongly convinced that the quality of the wines comes first of all from the vineyard. Priority, therefore, is to devote oneself to the continuous maintenance of the vineyards, to the development of the winemaking cellar and to research programs on specific cultivars.

Through innovation linked to tradition, a modern and rational character has been given to the farm to keep it competitive and make it grow within a global market.

The Principe di Corleone estate extends for about 100 hectares north-west of the ancient Arab-Norman town of Corleone, at an altitude between 350 and 550 meters above sea level. The importance of the Naturalistic Areas of Special Protection of Rocca Busambra and Rocche di Rao, Monte Triona and Monte Colomba, make this territory unique in the work.

The land has has a precious asset represented by an underground stream of pure water that the Pollara family draws drop by drop to meet the water needs of their luxuriant vineyards.

The long dry and sunny summers typical of the area, the geological conformation of the territory, the altitude, the southern exposure of the vineyards and the cool breezy nights guarantee a slow and complete ripening of the bunches, giving wine with great body and vigor.

Quercus Cabernet Sauvignon

COD: Italy VARIETAL: Cabernet Sauvignon
PRODUCER: Principe di Corleone ALCOHOL: 14.0%

Purplish red colour with ruby-red reflections. Complex and persistent aroma recalling blackcurrant and spices. The palate is warm and dry, with a forthright character.

Serve at 16-18°C. A perfect match for all full-flavoured red-meat dishes, furred and feathered game, and cheeses.

Quercus Nero d'Avola

COD: Italy VARIETAL: Nero d’Avola
PRODUCER: Principe di Corleone ALCOHOL: 13.5%

Bright ruby-red colour with violet edges. Fragrant and complex aroma with hints of fruits and oak. The palate is stylish refined, warm and dry, with great body and character.

Serve at 16-18°C. with all full-bodied dishes.

Sinedie Chardonnay

COD: Italy VARIETAL: Chardonnay
PRODUCER: Principe di Corleone ALCOHOL: 13.0%

Deep straw-yellow colour. Assertive, generous bouquet. The palate is clean, decisive, elegant and long-lasting.

Serve at 10-12°C. with dishes based on fishes, shellfish and cold meats.

Sophia Catarratto

COD: Italy VARIETAL: Catarratto
PRODUCER: Principe di Corleone ALCOHOL: 13.5%

Organic Wine

Straw-yellow colour with greenish reflections. Generous aroma, with notes of spring flowers to the fore. Assertive and expansive on the palate, with a full, well-balanced finish.

Serve at 12-14°C. Works well with all types of fish dishes, particularly shellfish. Also a suitable match for soft cheeses.

Sophia Nero d'Avola

COD: Italy VARIETAL: Nero d’Avola
PRODUCER: Principe di Corleone ALCOHOL: 13.0%

Organic Wine

Ruby-red colour. Loaded with red berry fruit, mixed with hints of peanuts and almonds. Full-bodied flavour, with a generous concentration of gentle tannins.

Serve at 15-18°C. A great match for all types of dishes. Ideal with cheeses that are neither too hard nor too soft.


COD: Italy VARIETAL: Grillo
PRODUCER: Principe di Corleone ALCOHOL: 12.5%

Golden yellow colour. Mouth-filling and complex on the palate. The bouquet foregrounds almond notes and floral echoes.

Serve chilled at 13-14°C. Works well with all flavoursome fish dishes, including mixed grills, large fish and shellfish. Excellent with shellfish and soft cheeses.

Nero d'Avola

COD: Italy VARIETAL: Nero d’Avola
PRODUCER: Principe di Corleone ALCOHOL: 13.0%

Brilliant ruby-red colour with violet edges. Complex, fragrant bouquet with hints of oak and fruit. The palate is polished, refined, warm and dry, with good body and great personality.

Serve at 16-20°C. with meat-based dishes, game and hard cheeses.