Tenuta Le Velette

When sitting on the terrace of the estate of Le Velette , with a glass of wine in hand, it is difficult to decide which masterpiece gives more pleasure, the striking view of the Orvietto Duomo or Corrado and Cecilia ( brother and sister) Bottai’s Orvietto Classico . The Family owned estate of Le Velette lies high on one of the most coveted land in the heart of the zone of Orvietto Classico. Well the tradition of winemaking at the estate dates back to the Etruscans, the current family bas been making wine there since 1870s. The Bottais are not people to sit on their ancient and noble laurels. The have worked hard to established an intelligent equilibrium between tradition
and modern enological techniques. Here , no grapes or wine is bought. Everything that goes into the bottle is carefully and selectively harvested from their own 90 hectares of vineyards. So dedicated are the quality that they allow no more than 60 minutes at most to pass from where the grapes are picked to when they are pressed. Orvietto should be a careful and harmonious blending of several grape types, the percentages of which are strictly dictated by DOC law. The Bottais use the minimum percentages of a select clone of Procanico (Trebbiano) , and the maximum percentages of Grechetto and Drapeggio which are the grapes that really give the wine its body and structure. They also use the maximum allowance of Verdello , which adds finesse and balance follow by just a touch of Malvasia for dimension.



PRODUCER: Tenuta Le Velette VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Italy VARIETAL: Procanico (30%), Grechetto (30%), Malvasia (20%), Verdello (15%), Drupeggio (5%)

The modern result of centuries of history, during which wine has always been a part of life, food, celebration and conviviality.
Through expert vinification, the historical native grape varieties express freshness, minerality, and the richness that the volcanic soil and the warm sun of our hills develop in a synthesis of a soft, balanced variety of floral sensations.
The typically straw yellow color shows its youth with greenish highlights. Delicate floral aromas blend in the mouth, sustained by a fresh acidity and followed by its characteristics lightly bitter finish. A friendly, joyful wine, with a consistent, integral simplicity, always a good accompaniment.



PRODUCER: Tenuta Le Velette VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Italy VARIETAL: Procanico (20%), Grechetto (40%), Malvasia (20%), Verdello (15%), Drupeggio (5%)

The estate’s oldest vineyards produce the grapes used for Lunato.
The lower production per vine and the importance of the extracts of this wine give a result of great expressiveness and persistence that gives the best idea of what the word “superiore” is meant to describe.
Straw yellow in color with gold highlights, it has floral aromas of acacia combined with lingering sensations of ripe fruit, golden delicious apples and apricot. In the mouth it is smooth and enveloping, warm and rich but with a fresh, vivacious acidity in a perfect balance of sensations.




PRODUCER: Tenuta Le Velette VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Italy VARIETAL: Sangiovese (85%), Canaiolo (15%)

This is the red wine that has always been made and consumed in our area.
The oldest mention that regards us dates back to 1884, from an event in Rome at which it was awarded a bronze medal, as a “fine” red wine.
The tradition continues today with this intense ruby red wine with purple highlights and fruity aromas of ripe cherry combined with a slight hint of vanilla, which opens up in the glass with mentholated notes. In the mouth, it is flavorful, pleasantly round and harmonious with good tannins and freshness.
A sincere wine with a young, casual spirit.