North Macedonia

North Macedonia produces wine on some 22.400 ha of vineyards , and the production was 108.100 tonnes in 2008. There are also some additional 30.000 ha of vineyards dedicated to table grapes. Red wine dominates the Macedonian wine production , with around 80%.

In contrast with the E.U. , Macedonia is a protected geographical indication (PGI) for wine produced in the Greek Viticulture region of Macedonia.

While part of Yugoslavia , North Macedonia was a producer of wine and vodka. In the 1980s it accounted for around two-thirds of the Yugoslav wine production.

After the breaking of Yugoslavia , the wine production of the new country decreased dramatically from 1.8 million hl in the mid-1990s to 447.000 hl in 2002.

North Macedonia has three wine-growing regions :

Povardarie , in the valley of River Vardar , mostly around the towns of Negotino and Kavadarci it is the most important region both in terms of quantity and wine quality.

Pcinja-Osogovo , to the east on the border with Bulgaria

Pelagonija-Poloy , around Lake Ohrid , to the west on the border of Albania.

White wine varieties includes : Smederevka, Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Zilavka.

Red wine varieties includes : Vranec, Krastosija, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Stanasina Crna.