Compass beverages
your destination to the world

It was over a glass of wine, and a conversation describing our various travels that we as a team came to the realization that there are many incredible products that never leave the shores of the country they were produced in. The small batches produced with the pride and tradition of their cultures kept there for the locals that know, and the lucky visitors that stumble upon them. We as visitors scoop some of this treasure and bring it back carefully wrapped and packed in our luggage. We cross our fingers and hope it makes it home in one piece, so we can reminisce and share with our likeminded friends … So an idea and intent were born for us to bring these products to Canadians.

Reif Estate Winery has 30 years of producing excellent, internationally renowned wines. This is a natural extension for Reif to bring to Canada those excellent products from all over the world that have eluded large export companies. Reif as a family run winery has the understanding and foundation to build relationships and trust with these proud producers. It is in this spirit that Compass Beverages was born.

At Compass Beverages the philosophy is simple. To bring to you products of the best quality. Authentic and unique to the locality they are produced. Passion and individuality in each product.

Compass Beverages will be your destination to the world. We will make it easy for you to access these rare and unknown products.