Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country in the east of south Europe, formed after the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Together Bosnia and Herzegovina formed six federal units that made up the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia.

Bosnia-Herzegovina ( which is also referred to as Bosnia and Herzegovina , or simply Bosnia ) does not produce a significant quantity of wine , although in 2012 the vineyards counted 6000 hectares , from which 56.000 hectoliters of wine were produced.

These vineyards are located mostly in the lower-lying areas between the Adriatic coast and Mostar , the largest city in Herzegovina. They are two main hubs for wine production in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in Citluk and Medugorje which are both situated deep in the southwest and near the border of Croatia. The climate is temperate continental with hot summers and dry cold winters. The vineyards in Bosnia-Herzegovina are planted predominantly with 65% Zilavka , a light-skinned white grape variety noted for its high potential alcohol and acidity.

The other indigenous variety is Blatina a red grape with a deep colour , light and fruity with gentle tannins , 35% are planted. The other 5% are planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah,Trnjak, Vranac, Plavka Mali and Smederevka.