Croatian wine has a history dating back to the Ancient Greek Settlers, and their wine production on the south Dalmation Islands of Vis , Hvar and Korcula some 2500 years ago .Like other old world wine producers, many traditional grape varieties still survive in Croatia, perfectly suited to  their local wine hills. Modern wine-production methods have been taking over in the larger wineries and EU –style wine regulations have been adopted , guaranteeing the quality of the wine. Croatia has currently over 300 geographically defined wine regions and a strict classification system to ensure quality and origin. The majority of Croatian wine is white , with most of the remainder being red and only a small percent rose wines. In 2014 , Croatia ranked 32 nd in wine production by country with an estimated 45.272 tonnes.

Wine is a popular Drink in Croatia and locals traditionally like to drink wine with their meals. Like the rest of Central Europe , viticulture in the present-day Croatia existed hundreds of years before the rise of the Roman Empire. Croatia is a Mediterranean Country , lying east of Italy, across the Adriatic Sea . Towards the north lie the Alps , and to the north – east the country forms the western end of of the great Pannonian Plains . The interior of Croatia has a conditional climate , with cold winters , and hot summers with enough rain to make it a major agricultural area. Wine growing is concentrated in the hilly areas bordering on the Pannonian Plains Croatia has three district wine –producing regions . The continental region in the north –east of the country produces rich fruity white wines , similar in style to the neighbouring areas of Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. On the north coast , Istrian wines are similar to those produced in neighbouring Italy, while further south productions is more towards big Mediterranean – style reds . On the island and the Dalmation Coast , local grape varieties , microclimates and the rather harsh nature of the vineyards leads to some highly individual wines , and some of Croatia’s best known.

White wine varieties are : Skrlet, Grk, Marastina, Zlahtina, Graserino , Istarska Malvazija, Posip,

Bogdanasa , Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay

Red wine varieties are : Teran, Bobic, Plavac Mali, Dingoc, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon