Carmelite Monastery Gold

The golden yellow look is reminiscent of a sunrise over our beautiful Gäuboden. Already at the first sip you can feel how the distinct aroma of malt spreads evenly over your tongue. The soft, full body is rounded off by a slight hint of hops that tastes subtle.

Carmelite Monastery Gold goes well with the Danube Trout.

Original wort: 12.6%
Alcohol: 5.1%

Karmeliten Weizen Hell

Loosely prancing, you can see the structure of the powerful yeast turbidity in the bright yellow beer color. Brewed with 70% wheat malt, our wheat beers receive the soft, fruity banana-like aroma by bottle fermentation on top-fermented yeast. Each sip is a tangy refreshment for all taste buds. A harmonious game of light acidity and soft sweetness.

Enjoy it with a plate of aromatic cheese variations.

Original wort: 12.6%
Alcohol: 5.4%