Maisel Brewery

Brauerei Gebr. Maisel has always been a true family brewery. Founded in 1887 in Bayreuth, Upper Franconia  Bavaria by brothers Hans and Eberhard Maisel, who themselves grew up in a Family of brewers, their own history forces back another 100 years.

Today, Jeff Maisel runs the Family owned company – now in its fourth generation – with great passion and enthusiasm. The company has an impressive history of development from a regional brewery into one of Germany’s leading Wheat beer brewers of specialty beers. The flagship beer Maisel’s original Wheat beer is one of the best in the world.

Maisel's Weisse Original

Maisel’s Weisse, Bavaria’s fresh white wine.
The careful selection of the finest wheat and barley malts gives Maisel’s Weisse its reddish amber color and the brewing process of noble maturation with yeast from our own pure breeding, passed down through generations of master brewers, gives it its unique character. When drunk, the fresh smell of fine yeast and pleasant fruit notes combines with the mild spice of malt, fruit and clove aromas and a hint of nutmeg. Afterwards, the slightly fruity, spicy wheat beer aroma typical of Maisel’s Weisse unfolds.

Alcohol: 5.1%