BirrAlfina is a small agricultural craft brewery born between the municipalities of Orvieto and Castel Giorgio in Umbria Italy, on what for centuries has been considered as one of the best places in the area for agriculture and livestock: the Alfina  plateau. The pure water comes from Monte Amiata.

The brewery is owned by Alessandro Achilli and Marco Stappaciano both in charge of production, design and graphics, as well as Tatiana and Ilania Mazzochini in charge of sales and accounting. One day these four friends came up with the idea to open a brewery with top notch beer. The production as of now is only around 120 hectolitres, but it will increasingly significant. 7 different beer styles are in production. This young brewery won several high awards including Italian beer of the year in 2020 with their AnnoZerro, a Belgian style Blonde.


Italian Style Pilsner, color straw yellow colour, fine, fine, persistent and compact. Low fermented beer. Serving temperature 6°-8° degrees.persistent and compact fine, persistent and compact white foam.

Alc. 5.0%


Belgian Blonde Ale style beer, golden yellow color, full-bodied and of medium alcohol, with a large aromatic baggage and bitter content. White, fine, persistent adherent and veiled foam. Serving temperature 8°.

Alc. 5.6%


Dubbel-style beer, dark coppery red colour, intense complex, harmonic and elegant beer with hints of fruit, fruit in alcohol and malt. Ivory foam, fine, persistent adherent and veiled. Serving temperature 10°-13°.

Alc. 7.5%