Bombay Beer Company

We wanted to bring Indian Beers from India and introduce them to the American Sub continent. After bringing some shipments of beer from India we realized very soon that it took 10 to 12 weeks in shipping, another 3 to 4 weeks warehousing logistics were challenging and it became too expensive to import the product.
Also the freshness was lacking and couldn’t sustain the journey.
That made us wanting to brew them locally , using our recipe Indian style beer.
We traveled across Canada and the US, found a few places, and finally decided to brew the beer in Halifax Nova Scotia. Here we found the best water sources availability of good Barley and fine Hops and we started our brewing.
Lot of hard work has been put into it.
It is for you to enjoy.


Pilsner originated in Pilsen, Czech Republic is the most popular style of Lager thats been consumed by millions in India. We Bombay Beer Company India Inc wanted to introduce these Indian beers to Canadian market. World class beers are always backed with the Passion for beer clubbed with the finest ingredients. Water, Barley, Hops and yeast and its delivered fresh. Our Pilsner brewed the traditional way is characterized by a floral aroma of the finest Saaz Noble Hops, light sweet graininess with grassy notes, Crisp and pleasant lingering light bitter after tastes.

6.0% ABV 25 IBU


Brewer Charrington’s trial shipments of hogsheads of “India Ale” to Madras in 1827 proved successful and a regular trade emerged with the key British agents and retailers: Griffiths & Co in Madras. The beer was designed to sustain the turbulence and temperature of the voyage. It was well hoped and the alcohol level was raised. In the Erstwhile Madras for the Royalty that was sheer Joy. We have tried to redo the original India Pale Ale to satisfy the acquired tastes over generations. We use a continuous hopping method to get the best Hoppy Flavour retaining its floral characters without making it overly bitter. You will love it.

7.0% ABV 45 IBU