Newark Brewing Company

The name Newark holds an important place in Canadian history  Newark, was the first capitol of Upper Canada and the birthplace of our nation’s provincial parliament in Newark in September 1792. The brewery chose this name to pay homage to our Canadian roots.

Here at Newark Brewery their team were inspired by history. Traditional Belgian and German styles influence their brews, and they have always working on mastering them. Also community plays an important role here at Newark Brewing They are proud to be part of the Beamsville community a part of the town of Lincoln, Ontario.

After several years of brewing study and travel throughout Europe, they began their journey. Newark originated as a virtual brewing in late 2018, and we proudly made our first batch in early 2019. By early 2022, they found a brick-and-mortar home for their brewery in Beamsvill, Ontario. A few months later, they opened for the public, and since then, they have been welcoming beer and food lovers into their fully equipped kitchen, taproom and beer garden.

The brewery is owned by the founder Griffin Data, who loves European style beers.


This Dunkel is a German- inspired braun lager, brewed with Munich style malt to give a dominant toasted flavour. Crisp, clean and refreshing like a lager should be.

Alc. 5.0%


This Helles is a German- inspired pale lager showcasing Pilsen malt and Hallertau hops. Aged at cold temperature to develop that crisp, refreshing taste to expect from a lager.

Alc. 5.0%


A smooth hoppy beer without the bitterness. Tropical notes of pineapple and citrus fruits fill all the senses. Classic herbal and pine notes are fresh and create the perfect balance.

Alc. 5.8%