Astrale Chianti Badia al Colle


Producer: Astrale
Varietal: Sangiovese
Country: Italy
Region: Toscana
Volume: 750ml
Alcohol: 12.5


This wine has been produced with particular care and attention. Renewal of vineyards, precise selection of Sangiovese clones and careful picking at harvest time have always favoured “quality” over “quantity”. This has made Chianti Badia al Colle the “Chianti par excellence” and has led to great success at the international level.

Deep, ruby red with an intense and persistent fragrance of mature red fruit. It’s a well-structured, smooth wine with soft tannins and distinct notes of red fruit.

Thanks to these particular characteristics, Chianti Badia al Colle may be paired with a wide variety of foods, from first course dishes and hearty soups to roasts and pizza... what’s most important is to drink it in good company.

$16.50 / 750ml