Sol de Mexico

Sol de Mexico is a brand of 100% blue agave tequila produced by Productos Regionales de Atotonilco, SA. De CV and this brand has over 50 years history.

It was founded in 1951 by Paschal Don Gonzales Gutierrez and his son Juan Gonzales Ramirez, when they planted their first agave seeds in the highland

fields of Jalisco Mexico.

The distillation process from harvest to bottling has been managed by a recognized master distiller Don Salvador Fonseca.

Today, great grandson Cesar Gonzales continues the tradition of distilling. Under Cesar’s leadership, Sol de Mexico developed a luxury spirit.

Sol de Mexico won several awards on the international stage and increasing their reputation in the world of tequila.


Silver…its artisanal bottle captures the Mexican Spirit!

Ideal for those who dare to experiment with the natural flavour of agave.

100% pure agave


Aged… perfect balance between the American wood aromas and the best agave from the Jalisco Highlands.

100% pure agave


Extra-Aged… an exquisite wood taste without compromising the agave flavor

100% pure agave