Saint Lawrence Spirits

Saint Lawrence Spirits Vodka

80 Proof. The naturally smooth mouth feel comes from our unique process, as we use St. Lawrence River Water to proof down all of our spirits; providing The Spirit of The River in Every Bottle®


Penet Square Terrior Gin

90 Proof. Pine, Peppermint & Citrus.


New York Dry Gin

90 Proof. Juniper Forward, Peppery, A Wonderfully Complex Gin


Barrel-Aged Downbound Gin

114 Proof. Navy Strength. Toasted Pine Nuts, Honeysuckle.

Barrel-Aged in Rye Knot Whiskey and Captain’s Flask Bourbon Barrels.


Anchored American Gin

90 Proof. Soft Juniper, Citrus, Hint of Coriander