HBOpera Wine

The tradition of winemaking traces back to thousands of years ago and is well rooted in our culture. We know it from cave paintings and ancient mosaics, but further proof can also be found in the arts of modern age. Lyrical opera, above all, is one that gives us precious hints about wine’s centrality in modern society and especially in our country, Italy. Not only artists themselves devoted words of praise and appreciation to wine, but they used it on stage and made it the embodiment of vices and virtues, beauty and meanness.

We took a journey into the lyrical world and investigated the bond existing between lyrical Opera, composers and wine and came out with the idea of using wine itself to spread knowledge about Italian artistic tradition, both in our country and abroad. We thus devised a new form of art, which is made equally of spiritual and material components – you will be bewitched by the engraved metallic labels of our bottles, telling stories long forgotten, and you will be carried away by the refined scents and the striking hues of these wines; but most of all you lose yourself in the world of mysteries, treasons, love and hate told by the beautiful lyrical Opera.

Each bottle is unique, as befits a Prima Donna.

In our collection, you will find three different labels, each one associated with a specific vineyard. Each of them is cultivated with passion, commitment and the utmost respect for the environment. The strong synergy that we have created with our cellars has allowed us to select the following 6 excellences:

  • l’AMARONE – La Traviata (Azienda Agricola Begali)
  • il BAROLO – L’Elisir d’Amore (Sobrero vini)
  • il BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO – Rigoletto (Marchesato degli Aleramici)
  • il CHIANTI CLASSICO – La Bohème (Fèlsina)
  • il MARZEMINO – Don Giovanni (Cantina Roeno)
  • il ROSSO CONERO – Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Tenimenti Spinsanti)

We support sustainable agriculture and work in harmony with the passing of seasons, accepting from stem to stern what earth decides to give us. All grapes are picked by hand and only those which are deemed fit to meet DOCG regulations go further in the winemaking process, thus allowing us to offer you the finest and most authentic Italian wines.

Our products spring from an unrivaled blend of tradition, innovation and genuinity.
As each Opera is unique, so are our wines.


PRODUCER: HBOpera Wine VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Italy ALCOHOL: 14%

This wine has a pretty high alcohol content, which allows it to be aged with no quality loss. The aging process has a minimum of 5 years’ length, of which 3 and a half are spent in large durmast barrels followed by a shorter period of aging in bottles.


PRODUCER: HBOpera Wine VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Italy ALCOHOL: 14%

The freshly picked Nebbiolo bunches reach the winery still untouched, there they are immediately destemmed and pressed using modern machinery that allows separating the stems from the grapes and peel which contain the noblest and aromatic parts of the bunch.


PRODUCER: HBOpera Wine VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Italy ALCOHOL: 14%

Produced with grapes picked and selected by hand, from the vines of the property situated at around 400m above sea level. Vines are planted on poor soils and Alberese, with a pH around 8,2 and carbonates in excess of 40%, which limit naturally the production yields, all for the benefit of quality.


PRODUCER: HBOpera Wine VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Italy ALCOHOL: 16%

Amarone is born from the withering of the grapes harvested in plateaux and put to rest after a first careful selection of the best, most mature bunches and above all with a few grapes and a second one in the loft where the maturation, integrity, and state of health. The grapes remain withering before being pressed.


PRODUCER: HBOpera Wine VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Italy ALCOHOL: 14%

The Wine Rosso Conero of Marches is a wine that is produced from vineyards situated on the slopes of Monte Conero in Ancona province, close to the Adriatic Sea. The Marches in the cultivation of wines have ancient traditions.


PRODUCER: HBOpera Wine VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Italy ALCOHOL: 13%

The origin of this grape is still not well known. It may be from Carinzia Village, Marzemin. Anyway, it is diffused all over “Vallagarina” territory, where it found its ideal microclimate to express the best aroma and ripeness typical of the variety.