Matalj Winery

Gratitude and devotion to the fertile land of Negotin, shaped through decades of nurturing the family tradition of making wine, are the foundation on which Matalj winery was founded.

The love for winemaking , perfection the skills that are passed down through generations , and mastering modern knowledge affirm the desire of the Matalj winery to share the fruits of personnel investment with all true admirers of wine. And more than that , the vision and opligation of the winery is not only to preserve the extraordinary potential of the Negotin Region, but also to completely renew it and thus return Negotin to the wine map of Europe, where it has always belonged.

The generosity of the country and the authentic style together make the Terasa Chardonnay , Terasa Sauvignon Blanc, Kremen Cabernet Sauvignon, Kremen Kamen Cabernet Sauvignon and Dusica Rose’ wines exude a recognizable quality and complex.

The winery is producing around 60.000 bottles a year with 17 acres of vineyards.



PRODUCER: Matalj Winery VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Serbia ALCOHOL: 13.72%

The Matalj Winery’s wine selection, named Terasa, comes from the vineyard of the same name, located on the elevation along the coast of Danube, near the village Mihajlovac. The unique, warm terroir with its alluvial-sandy soil is especially suitable for the Chardonnay, which gives full, luscious and layered wines.

The beginning of 2018 growing season was full of challenges, but it ended great. Because of the unusually warm April and May, the grapevines awakened early, developed and flourished. Such weather contributed to the rapid formation of large and compact grape clusters. What followed next were unusually cold and rainy June and July and moist soil helped in creating juicier berries, which indicated an average year. However, August and September brought a shift with stable and dry weather, and a timely reduction of yields in our vineyards provided us with grapes of exceptional quality and balance. The result of this are distinctly aromatic wines of glorious freshness and moderate alcohol.

This year, the Terasa Vineyard brought moderation in every sense, as well as abundance of character
and freshness. Considering the importance of complexity and fullness of this blend, about 40% of our
Chardonnay has been stored in oak barrels made of French, Slavonian and Serbian oak, while the
entire quantity was aged on the lees. By doing that, we were able to get a Chardonnay whose fragrance
reveals the aromas of pears, acacia flower, golden delicious apples, apricots, pineapple and crème brûlée. The wine’s taste is layered, rich and creamy, with a little minerality. The ending brings fresh-
ness and a gentle touch of toasted oak, completely integrated with primary aromas

This Chardonnay is best served in round glass with bigger bowl, at a temperature of 10 – 12 degrees Celsius.

Homemade roast chicken, turkey with mlinci, pasta Carbonara, pork, salads with creamy dressing,
gibanica, Parmesan risotto…



PRODUCER: Matalj Winery VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Serbia ALCOHOL: 13.44%
ACIDITY: 5.7 g/l RESIDUAL SUGAR: 1.7 g/l

The Matalj Winery’s wine selection, named Terasa, comes from the vineyard of the same name,
located on the elevation along the coast of Danube, near the village Mihajlovac. The unique terroir
with the alluvial-sandy soil gives the Sauvignon its remarkable character.

This wine-growing year had a very challenging beginning, but an almost-ideal end. Due to the cold spring, awakening of the vine was slow and the rains have slowed down the blossoming, which in turn contributed to the forming of small grape clusters. However, July has brought us a warm, stable and sunny weather, which continued during the entire summer and autumn. The lower yield gifted us with the more concentrated grapes, which have kept incredible freshness thanks to the moisture collected in the soil during the spring. White wines produced in 2019 are perfectly

balanced because of this, while the dry and moderately warm autumn has contributed to the excellent phenolic ripeness of black grapes. This was a year to remember, especially in the Negotin region, with a tough beginning and an incredible end.

Despite the warm and dry summer, the alluvial terrace terroir of Mihajlovac vineyards has enabled
us to preserve the complete character and freshness of white sauvignon in our wine. Even the first scent brings typical aromas of gooseberry, boxwood and grapefruit, after which are soon developed aromas of lemon peel, asparagus and green apples. Vibrant on the palate, distinctly dry, fresh,

with sparkling acids which are the backbone of the wine and that guarantee longevity. Figs, grapefruit and fine minerality can be sensed in the finishing note.

This Sauvignon is best served in a narrow glass with smaller bowl, at a temperature of 8 – 10 degrees Celsius.

White cheese, goat cheese, sweet water fish such as perch, pike and trout, asparagus, meatless dock rolls, mussels, grilled Miroč cheese…



PRODUCER: Matalj Winery VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Serbia ALCOHOL: 14.5%
ACIDITY: 6.32 g/l RESIDUAL SUGAR: 3.7 g/l

Kremenjača is a vineyard that produces our best grapes, the best Cabernet Sauvignon for Kremen Kamen wine. Kremenjača is one of the historically most important localities for grapevine cultivation in Negotin region and beyond. It is a terroir like no other, unique and authentic. Mechanical composition of soil is outstanding, full of marine sediments and stone, int stone. Exposure, soil, macro and mesoclimate are all that make this vineyard magnicent.

Kremen Kamen is always a dull ruby color, with less mobility and viscous in a glass. The sumptuous and multi-layered scent is a pleasant surprise each time, and it speaks of the wine’s concentration and potency, and its freshness at the same time. The aromatic prole is always rich and it evolves and changes with time. The most prominent aromas are that of cassis, prunes and plums, blackberries, eucalyptus, cedar and forest soil. In addition to the ripe aromas, there is a freshness and character in its fragrance, which is very important for this wine. Another great thing is that this wine
is full of quality tannins and the acids are a backbone that balances out the richness and sweetness of tannins. As the grapes were in the ideal phenolic state, the post-fermentative maceration was able to last longer in order to strengthen the wine’s structure. After three weeks of maceration and malolactic fermentation, the wine was left to age in a carefully selected New French oak barrels, with carefully measured toasting levels. After 18 months, the wine was blended and lled into bottles. Fruitiness, acidity, tannin structure and very well integrated components make this wine
long-lasting in the aftertaste.

is was a very troublesome year for the most of Serbia, but not as bad for Kremenjača Vineyard and Negotin. It was a moderate year, which in Negotin region means that the temperatures during the ripening season were high, but not extremely high. The year was not particularly dry, there was enough rainfall and, what’s most important is that the precipitation schedule during ripening was optimal. From all the reasons stated, the phenolic components of grapevines were incredible, they have reached the optimal evolution and there was no trace of rushed and forced ripening, so the ratio of all parameters in the berries was ideal.



PRODUCER: Matalj Winery VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Serbia ALCOHOL: 14.7%

Kremenjata is the name of a unique part of Raj ac wine region, which is the home to many red wines that are the pride of our winery. The vineyard is facing the southeast at the altitude of 200-250 meters. The high number of sunny days during the year is balanced out with the cold air coming from the Homolje mountains, which brings out the perfect balance in ripe grapes.

The year 2017 was one of the best in the last decade. It started quietly, moderately warm, with a slightly humid spring, and it was followed by the sunny summer. Kremenjata Vineyard has its own water regime and one invigorating July rain was more than enough to ensure the Cabernet’s climb to the top. As the name Kremenjata is suggesting, this soil is full of quartz, a silicate sediment. The presence of this rock in the soil reflects the light and preserves the heat of the sun, which in turn helps grapevines to collect plenty of extracts and fragrant substances of great complexity. Although the year was plentiful, it does not mean that there was not much work in the vineyard. Pleasant weather has inspired us to take full advantage of it and produce the perfect Cabernet. This was the year that provided us with memorable red wines.

The goal each year is to produce the best possible Kremen wine. This year has been very good, but at the same time very demanding. Wines produced in the warmer years are often too concentrated, without elegance and fineness. However, Kremenjata Vineyard’s terroir has helped us in creating a strong, but fresh wine, full of elegance and balanced components. It has not been easy, but we have produced a great wine. The fragrance is layered and sumptuous. The aroma of plums, black currant, eucalyptus, tobacco leaf and coffee are dominant, and they will continue to evolve with further storing. The content of tannin is high, but the quality is exceptional, which makes it soft and in perfect balance with acids. The taste of wine is pure, fruity and long-lasting.

The ideal glasses for this wine are classic Cabernet glasses with larger bowl and the temperature of 16 — 18 degrees Celsius.

Aged rib-eye steak, medium rare beef steak, slow-roasted pork ribs, lamb chops, beef goulash…