Dveri-Pax Winery

The Dvery-Pax  Winery is located in northeastern Slovenia in the Drava Valley ( Podravje ), in the Slovenian Styria ( Stajerska Slovenija ), and they continue the more than 800 – year- old winemaking tradition of the Admont Benedictine Monks – with great appreciation for nature and a keen sense for trends. 

The winery has 73 hectares of vineyards located in the regions of Maribor, Jeruzalem, Radgona and Kapela. 

Noble Rudolf Wittenswald bequeathed the Jahringhof Estate for the Church between 1130 and 1135 – out of gratitude. The Salzburg Bishop Konrad I awarded the entire property to the Styran Benedectine monastery of Admont.

The estate has grown over the centuries through acquisitions and donations . The Benedectine cultivated wine on all the lands , which was brought to Austria by carts from Admont’s subordinate farmers. Written sources prove that the monastery vineyards were cultivated in an exemplary manner and the wine was expertly pressed. The monks gave the administrators written instructions on how the subordinate farmers or tenants should work the vineyard.

The first cut and chopping must be carried and in his presence , with special care and patients.

These two things should not be done too late , as doing so could cause serious damage to the crops, nor should the vines be tied to early or in wet weather.



PRODUCER: Dveri-Pax Winery VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Slovenia ALCOHOL: 14%
ACIDITY: 5.28 g/l RESIDUAL SUGAR: 1.1 g/l

A varied wine that is very enjoyable to drink: the color already shines in a rich cherry red with garnet edges. The nose is elegant and classy for this variety with hints of cherry and sour cherry as well as fine, spicy notes of leather, nougat, cocoa and a subtle smoke aroma. On the palate, this wine captivates with charming tannins and a multi-faceted structure, harmonious power and tension lead to a balanced, powerful finale packed with elegance and subtlety.
Drinkability: The wine is at its peak until 2028



PRODUCER: Dveri-Pax Winery VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Slovenia ALCOHOL: 13%
ACIDITY: 6.42 g/l RESIDUAL SUGAR: 1.3 g/l

A wine that proudly shows its varietal character: The color is delicate lemon yellow with a shimmering golden tint. A wonderful bouquet with grapefruit, elderberry, hay and nettle – without any clearly green, but also without tropical notes, but somewhere in between.
This Sauvignon is lively, fresh and tasty on the palate: very dry with a wonderfully pronounced and ripe acidity that promises great drinking pleasure. The body is light to moderate.
Ready to drink: until 2022. Currently at its peak, best enjoyed in the first or second year.



PRODUCER: Dveri-Pax Winery VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Slovenia ALCOHOL: 12.5%
ACIDITY: 6.4 g/l RESIDUAL SUGAR: 2.4 g/l

An exciting interplay of the grape varieties in full harmony: Welschriesling and Furmint give this wine its freshness, ripe acidity and regional significance. The Pinot Gris, on the other hand, cares for the body, Sauvignon and Traminer for the aromatic variety and an incomparable international style. In addition, this classic cuvée pleases with its soft, lemon-yellow color. On the nose it is markedly fruity and full of youth. There are also delicate hints of apple and lemon as well as juicy red fruits. The variety of aromas is best shown on the palate: a wine full of fruit and wonderful liveliness – dry, intense and long-lasting finish.
Drinking maturity: until 2022. This wine reaches its optimal drinking maturity in the first year, but experience shows that it is still very drinkable in two to three years.



PRODUCER: Dveri-Pax Winery VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Slovenia ALCOHOL: 11.5%
ACIDITY: 5.75 g/l RESIDUAL SUGAR: 2.0 g/l

Hardly any other grape variety experienced in recent years as an upswing: Furmint is the oldest species of the region and has been grown here for over a thousand years. This Furmint is also a true classic: the color is a soft lemon yellow, the nose is reminiscent of a blooming vineyard with ripe apples and pears – juicy, elegant and inviting. On the palate, the fruitiness gives way to wonderful minerality and a pleasant saltiness. The intense aroma is surprising, and despite the moderate acidity, it lasts for a long time (with hints of dried herbs) and never gets boring.
Drinkability: until 2025. Currently at its peak, but it will last for at least five years, maybe even a little longer.



PRODUCER: Dveri-Pax Winery VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Slovenia ALCOHOL: 12.5%
ACIDITY: 6.25 g/l RESIDUAL SUGAR: 3.09 g/l

A beautifully matured Furmint with a semi-intensive golden yellow and beautiful luster. The nose convinces with delicate notes of honey, gingerbread, white flowers and acacia as well as a hint of caramel. This is exactly how a matured Furmint must smell!
A class that continues on the palate: very dry, with an extremely pleasant acidity that gives the wine that balanced note that makes it something special. The consistency is slightly oily, but the body is full, the aftertaste varied and very pleasant.
Ready to drink: until 2022. The wine is at its peak, which is sure to last until 2022.



PRODUCER: Dveri-Pax Winery VOLUME: 750ml
COD: Slovenia ALCOHOL: 12.5%
ACIDITY: 7.15 g/l RESIDUAL SUGAR: 5.4 g/l

How suitable this grape variety is for sparkling wine becomes clear from the first sip: dry with a stringent and wonderfully ripe acidity – clear and precise. The 18 months on the yeast ensure a wonderful play of flavors.
The nose delights this golden-yellow sparkling wine with delicate hints of butter and fine yeast. In addition, discrete notes of apples and pears – a characteristic of the aromatic grape variety.
Drinkability: until 2025.